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By Chris on May 16, 2011 in Advertising, Client Testimonials

It’s always nice to get feedback from projects and recently I’ve been asked by Jennifer Wong a school teacher at Nanchang Number 2 High School in China if she can use some of my SHOEI ad creative as part of a exam on advertising for the pupils.

As Jennifer explains: “The students are Grade 10 students in China in their first year of the “Sino-Canadian” program.  As part of the Canadian curriculum, they are required to do a unit in Media Literacy, where they are expected to be able to deconstruct an advertisement and comment on how the graphics and language work together for a specific purpose.  I chose your advertisement because I felt it would be a good idea to expose them to techniques aimed at them. The advertisement it self was also very effective because it used many advertising techniques that we had discussed in class. ”

Here’s a scan of one of the pupils’ papers…


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