How to make a menu link display as active when the navigation is in a php include file

By Chris on March 29, 2011 in php

I always use this bit of code for my navigation links that are part of a php include file.

Whenever the recordset on the particular page (rs_page) is equal to the unique id from the row (in this case 1) it echoes “class=”selected”


<?php $pageon = $row_rs_page[‘page_id’]; $pagenumber = “1”; if ($pageon == $pagenumber) {echo ” class=\”selected\””;} ?>

… or another way would be to declare the name of each page using this at the top of your HTML (example ‘servicespage’) :

<?php $page_name = ‘servicespage’; ?>

and use this in your menu file:

<?php if($page_name == ‘servicespage’) echo ‘class=”selected”‘; ?>

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